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A Specialist in
banking and postal technology

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specialist in banking and postal technology

Home page

Albacon is a dynamic company, which this year celebrates 20 years since its inception.

Albacon celebrates success through high quality products supplied
and technical prowess of its service team.


Banking Division since 1990 specializing in service and supplies products for cash handling (counting, authentication and quality control of banknotes). Our main partner in this business area is GLORY.


Postal Division from 1993 deals with distribution and service of mailing and inserting machines. Our main partner in this area is a firm-FRANCOTYP POSTALIA.


The company regularly invests Albacon part of their profits into their own development of complex system solutions that flexibly respond to customer needs and requirements.


The primary objective of the company is Albacon ensure customer satisfaction with delivered products.




Certified products

Certified products
supplied by Albacon pursuant to Act No. 136/2011 Coll. on the circulation of banknotes and coins